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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

You can book by contacting us by telephoning either 07914890609 or 02476511192 or alternatively you can email us at info@littlescallywagsplay.co.uk

How much notice do I need to give to hire equipment?

You can book at anytime. However if you are looking for a particular castle or item we would advise to book early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What do the prices include?

All bouncy castles and items booked include delivery, set-up and collection also includes an electric blower. All soft play includes items booked, set-up and collection. ** There may be a small delivery charge dependant upon distance **

When is your equipment available?

Our castles and soft play are available, 7 days a week all year round including Bank Holidays.

How long do I get the equipment for?

We usually base our bouncy castle hires on approx. 7 hours and our soft play on 3 hours, however you can have shorter or longer if you wish but must state this when booking incase of any additional costs.

Do you hire overnight?

Yes, we will hire some of our equipment overnight (provided the location is secure) for a small extra charge of £30.00.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No we do not usually take a deposits as the full amount is to be paid to the driver on set up, however if you are booking for a wedding we require 50% deposit on booking and the remaining balance 8 weeks before the wedding date.

Soft play:

A £50 bond is required to be paid as soon as possible on any Soft play or package hired, once this is paid this will secure your date and you will then receive full booking confirmation. This will then leave the hire fee to be paid in full on set up. Once we return to collect the equipment, this will be checked and then loaded on to our vehicle the £50 bond will be returned to you. This is to ensure that the equipment is looked after and the balls are put back in to there bags. PLEASE NOTE: £10 will be deducted from the bond if the balls are not put in the bags ready for collection.

How do I pay?

The most preferable method of payment is cash on delivery, alternately when ordering your item you can choose to pay via bank transfer, however we would need to have received the funds in sufficient time before the booking date.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel then just give us a call or email. We only ask for you to give us as much notice as possible.

What if it rains or is extremely windy?

No charge is made for any cancellation due to adverse weather conditions (Heavy rain and strong wind) on the day of your event, as long as you call before your delivery arrives. It is not desirable to hire castles when its extremely windy. If winds are above 24mph we do not set up any inflatable outdoors. This is for the safety of our users and the guidelines set by the health and safety executives. Most of our castles have rain covers,which will be suitable for light rain showers or drizzle, but not heavy downpours of rain (the rain cover will sag in the middle and start to drip through). If you do wish to cancel your booking due to bad weather conditions please give us as much notice as possible. We also have the right to cancel any bookings due to adverse weather conditions due to health & safety.


Can the bouncy castle be set up on a slope?

It is not desirable to unless it is a very slight slope, this can be dangerous otherwise.

Does the castle need to be set up on grass only?

It is most desirable to set up inflatables on grass but not always necessary. A castle can be set up on concrete and tarmac NOT gravel or stones, but this will have to be discussed beforehand to ensure this is possible, as we will need to provide thick groundsheets and be able to drill 6 x small 8mm holes into the hard surface. A small fee of £20 is required per inflatable.

How long does it take to set up/inflate/deflate/pack up the inflatable?

The bouncy castles take approx 20 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack down. However this is only an estimate, times may vary depending on which castle you hire and the ease of access to the proposed site.

How long does it take to set up soft play?

The soft play equipment takes approximately 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to pack away, however this may vary depending on which package you order.

How much space is needed?

You will need to allow adequate space around all sides of the castle, if you are in any doubt as to whether you have enough space please discuss this when booking. You will also need to provide adequate access to the site, the castles are delivered on a sack truck so 2ft-3ft width is required. We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred whilst wheeling the castle though your home. If you are booking soft play this can be advised prior to your booking to ensure this can fit in your venue.

Is there anything I need to provide?

We supply all you will need for the castle, all you will need to provide is a 240 volts mains power supply. You will also need to ensure that the proposed site for the castle is free from debris/garden furniture/children’s toys and most importantly dog/cat mess.

Does it need electricity? How much does it use?

Yes, for our castles we will supply the extension cables to a maximum of 50 Metres, so you'll need an outlet near the set up area. The blower runs continuously and uses approximately £0.18 of electricity per hour.

Is there an age limit for children using the castle?

Yes, all our junior castles are suitable for children up to and including the age of 12. For any child over this age you will need to hire an adult castle.

Is there an age limit for children using the soft play?

Yes, all of our soft play is suitable for children up to & including the age of 4. The equipment is not designed for any child over this age.

Is it possible to pick up the equipment ourselves?

No. In fact, Little Scallywags Play does not allow for this, we are trained installers and will install all of our equipment, our insurance also requires that our installers do an on site inspection as well. Where the safety of your children is concerned, we do not take any chances.

Are you a member of any trade organisations?

Yes. We are members of the BIHA (British Inflators Hirers Alliance), TIPE (The Inflatable Play Enterprise) and BCN (Bouncy Castle Network)